All you have to know about unlicensed casinos

unlicensed casinos

Do you want to know everything about online casinos without a license in Spain? Then you are in the right place. Come and discover which are the best unregulated online casinos in the country, and what are the characteristics that have positioned them there.

Learn about the advantages of playing in them, which ones have the juiciest welcome bonuses and how to enjoy them. Start enjoying all the games they offer, all the promotions and their variety of payment methods.

It should be noted that, although unregulated online casinos do not have a license in Spain, they do have one from other countries such as Cyprus, Curaçao, among others. And although perhaps for this reason they cannot offer you the same guarantees as a licensed casino in Spain, they do offer you many advantages. Stay with us to learn more about unregulated online casinos.


The regulations created by the DGOJ for the regulation of online casinos in Spain, in force until 2020, established that:

  • Regulated online casinos must have a section on safe and responsible gambling on their web platform.
  • These must guarantee to their players that the result of their online games depends 100% on chance. This verification is done by checking that the casino has a Random Number Generator (RNG).
  • Provide players with the opportunity to pre-set limits on time and bet amount, before starting to play.
  • These must protect the data of their users and all payment and deposit operations, through an encryption system.
  • Make sure to prohibit the access of minors to their web platforms and games.
  • Having the option of voluntary self-exclusion, thus allowing players to put a healthy pause between themselves and the game.

This regulation allowed players to feel completely safe when choosing a Spanish online casino. And not only that, but it also allowed them to:

  • Enjoy welcome bonuses and promotions.
  • Of gifts and loyalty prizes.
  • Sports betting and the excitement of betting on live matches.
  • Discover new casinos through advertising, and new games to try and win.

But the COVID19 pandemic arrived and everything changed, it came to mark a before and after in our lives. A before and after of how we do things and how we live day to day.



Everything changed and the world of online casinos in Spain was no exception. Along with the physical restrictions due to the pandemic, there were also legal restrictions in many areas. And online casinos did not escape this.

Since March 2020, measures have been established in Spain that have limited online casinos licensed in that country. Among these measures are:

  • Online casinos may not offer welcome bonuses as an incentive to attract new players.
  • Regulate promotions and loyalty bonuses.
  • Limit the advertising hours for casino games and bets to 4 hours a day. Being restricted to the segment from 1am to 5am, on TV, on the radio and on web platforms.
  • Online casinos may not sponsor teams or sporting events.
  • Advertisements may not be made by public figures or celebrities.

As of May 1, 2021, everyone must abide by the regulations.

These restrictions are added to all those that previously existed, these being even stronger and more limiting. This for legal operators brings a disadvantage compared to bookmakers without a license. But, for the players it is a great opportunity to obtain more bonuses and offers, given the growing competition.

Even before the first DGOJ regulations, many players opted for unlicensed casinos in Spain. Because? because they offer certain benefits that licensees have limited.



Unlicensed operators have two characteristics that make them more appealing to players, and these are:

They have spectacular welcome bonuses. Since they are not regulated, they can offer amounts between hundreds and thousands of Euros in welcome bonuses and promotions. This is ideal for players who want to place high stakes.

They have an impressive variety of casino games: slots, blackjack, bingo, poker, sic bo, scratch cards, etc., and all the live game options.

Follow us and discover in detail all the other advantages that these unlicensed operators have for you.

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