How To Throw An Unforgettable Casino-Themed Party At Home

Unforgettable Casino-Themed

When planning your party, everyone has wondered how to make the most important day of your life truly unforgettable. If none of your friends have yet come up with the idea to roll a party in the style of the casino before you, it is just a great excuse to be the pioneer of parties of this style. The peculiarity of parties in the style of casino is that they envelop everyone in the atmosphere of the ’30-’40s, the guests as if reincarnated and turned into real residents of the era of gangsters and Moulin Rouge. The great thing about such parties is that no one will be bored. There is a certain occupation for everyone. Fans of gambling can have fun at the “green” tables, spreading cards and putting all their wealth on the line (of course, purchased chips at the entrance to the party).

Another plus of the party in this style is that it can be created at any time of the year, without fear of weather changes, cold, or thunderstorms, because such parties are mainly organized in the basement. Such an extravagant place is chosen because the atmosphere requires a complete immersion in the era when all the gangsters hid in the dark unknown rooms and partied there to the fullest. 

Think about casino games

Unforgettable Casino-Themed

But the “casino” will remain only a hypocritical name, if the holiday will not be gambling games with giant wins and disappointing “financial” losses. But the question arises: “What to play?”. After all, it is almost impossible to get special equipment, toy analogs are children’s babble, and not everyone present knows the rules (and even less – tactics) of card games like poker or preference. So, you won’t create a home-based casino with more than 500 different casino games as the Bizzo Casino does 

Games can be invented independently, and such that the gathered can quickly sort out all the nuances, and then for a long time will try to win each other’s cherished chips (they, by the way, can be exchanged for souvenirs or tasty gifts at the end of the holiday). If you dream of Bond and a party in the style of “Casino Royale”, you can’t do without roulette. But you can make it even more interesting, in addition, to excluding the rotation and the ball.

Take a large sheet of paperboard and mark it into squares, painting each (randomly) in one of 6-10 colors, some can be left white. Each color will stand for a different scoring system. For example, red is “minus a point”, blue is “points multiplied by 2”, black is “points burned”, and so on. Now just throw two hexagonal dice (“dice”) on the absorbent cotton, summarizing the dropped points with the condition of the “influence” of the fields. Each participant can be given three attempts for a certain bet to collect the highest sum (if the dice fall out of bounds or the field cannot be determined, the roll is made again). At the end of the results, the winner takes 60% of the chips, the second player – 30%, and the third – 10%.

The menu must be appropriate

Unforgettable Casino-Themed

At a party in the style of the casino, the table is of great importance. Emphasize light appetizers: canapés, tartlets, and appetizers on skewers. These are ideal options for such a celebration. Emphasize the atmosphere of luxury pyramids of fruit, seafood, and expensive varieties of cheese. But it is better not to serve hot food, because people come to the casino to play and have fun. 

In dishes use combinations of colors that are the main in the party. For girls and women prepare light desserts – cupcakes, candies, cakes, puddings, and mousses. Of course, the main alcoholic drink of the evening is champagne. Also on the table should be wines, martinis, and whiskey. Of non-alcoholic drinks – juices, cocktails, tea, and coffee. You can make beautiful ice cubes. Decorate the dishes with homemade chips, and cubes or make figures of card suits. For toothpicks, use casino-themed pictures. But you don’t need to use too many decorations – the table should look sophisticated.

A casino-style party is an unusual and spectacular option for a party. Such a party will not only allow guests to go wild but also create a unique atmosphere of excitement and entertainment.

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